The Values of the Regence Team


Passion and love for our industry inspire our team, and have been guiding our actions since the very beginning. This passion channels our drive and pushes us to research and develop innovative products. Thanks to our passion, we continuously push our limits in order to insure the safety of our customers.


Status Quo is not satisfactory at Regence. Our team is always looking for ways to do things differently, in order to meet our customers’ needs. We rely on innovation and evolution in order to push our brands forward and develop new markets.


At Regence, we never cut corners. The quality of the products we market is carefully reviewed and our suppliers are meticulously selected. Transparency in our communication and actions is imbedded in our DNA.


Respect is the core of our business and reflects in all of our activities and relationships. Respect is a corner stone of the culture at Regence. When developing products, this value is reflected in the choice of materials and their quality.


We are dedicated to making our clients' everyday lives safer and more comfortable. We are committed to this mission, heart and soul. At Regence, the commitment first comes from our employees, who day after day, are involved in the growth and evolution of the company.