Regence Footwear

Chaussures Regence is a team of passionate people who, just like you, care about the safety and the comfort of the products they use. These experts are located in Canada, the United States, and Asia. They have dedicated themselves to design, develop, and market safety shoes of brands like Acton, STC, Wilkuro and Oshatoes. Chaussures Regence is also the preferred distributor in Canada of the brands Cofra and Dunlop.

Our Commitment To You

To keep listening to your feedback and to remain on the lookout for new trends and new ways to manufacture, that will allow us to keep offering quality products meeting your safety and comfort requirement.

From our beginning to today

Founded in 1979 by Henri Bergeron, Regence Footwear first became known for the excellence of its winter boots sold throughout Canada, the United States and the borders of South America.

The company, led by Christian Bergeron for nearly three decades, has evolved while maintaining the quality and innovation values that have allowed Regence to stand out in the Canadian landscape.

Today specializing in the manufacture and distribution of outdoor products and high-end personal protective equipment, Régence Footwear has an outstanding expertise in the field of footwear. It pursues its mission to offer products perfectly adapted to the specific needs of users. That is why we can say that Regence is deeply rooted in the values that saw it born, but that it is propelled by a desire to constantly surpass itself.

Mission & vision


Maximizing our partners success by marketing products that optimize workers’ safety.


  • A strong national distribution network offering all of the Regence brands.
  • A strong corporate identity well-known for its reliability and the quality of its products.
  • A passionate team with high standards of excellence, who is engaged in the quality of the customer service offered to all business partners.
  • Development of permanent products, meeting every customer’s needs, regardless of their area of their field of work.
  • Continuous investment in technology, both for product development and customer service improvement.

The Values of the Regence Team


Passion and love for our industry inspire our team, and have been guiding our actions since the very beginning. This passion channels our drive and pushes us to research and develop innovative products. Thanks to our passion, we continuously push our limits in order to insure the safety of our customers.


Status Quo is not satisfactory at Regence. Our team is always looking for ways to do things differently, in order to meet our customers’ needs. We rely on innovation and evolution in order to push our brands forward and develop new markets.


At Regence, we never cut corners. The quality of the products we market is carefully reviewed and our suppliers are meticulously selected. Transparency in our communication and actions is imbedded in our DNA.


Respect is the core of our business and reflects in all of our activities and relationships. Respect is a corner stone of the culture at Regence. When developing products, this value is reflected in the choice of materials and their quality.


We are dedicated to making our clients' everyday lives safer and more comfortable. We are committed to this mission, heart and soul. At Regence, the commitment first comes from our employees, who day after day, are involved in the growth and evolution of the company.

Important dates for the Company

We believe it is important to put our money where our mouth is, and we want to illustrate what we did to become who we are today. All these events have helped build Chaussures Regence and has enabled us to continuously improve year after year.


Sound management ensures the continuity of the company and provides the necessary tools to develop products of excellence.


Date of foundation of the company.


Acquisition of the plant Katerina from Taurus Inc.


Acquisition of part of the assets of Bastien Inc, including Blondo and Husky.


Acquisition of Chaussures Faber Inc.


Nomination of Christian Bergeron as president of Chaussures Regence.


Construction and relocation in a new more modern factory.


Acquisition of Maple Leaf Inc. (Boots injected with TPR, better known as snowmobile boots).


Purchase of the AirBoss division from Action.


Sale of Maple Leaf Inc.


Opening of an office in China.


Development of a new division of product distribution, including products such as Cofra.


Opening of a warehouse in the United States to supply the American market.

Acquisition of Chaussures Belmont.

Acquisition of Wilkuro.


Opening of a production plant in Cambodia.


Beginning of the PU and PVC Dunlop boot line distribution.


Sale of all assets in the fashion division of Chaussures Regence, to focus on safety and outdoors footwear.


Acquisition of STC Footwear.

Acquisition of Oshatoes.

Innovation and Technology

The continuous improvement of our processes and the way we work allows us to develop innovative products and meet current market requirements.


Implementation of the first computerized production system in the industry, with barcode technology.


Implementation of a design system assisted by a computer.


Implementation of the first computerized cutting table for synthetic materials.


Procurement of the ISO 9002 norm.


Procurement of the ISO 9001: 1994 norm.


First Canadian manufacturers to obtain an automated cutting table for leather.


30% expansion of the current plant, providing more than 68,000 square feet for production, storage, and management.


Second plant expansion of an additional 16,000 square feet.


Registration to the ISO 9001:2000 norm.


On December 31st, closing of the Canadian plant and outsourcing production to Asia.


Transformation of the Canadian factory into a warehouse with a 500,000 units capacity.


Development of the first work clothes line from Acton.


Registration to the ISO 9001:2008 norm.


Creation of the first FUN clothing line by Acton collection.


Transformation of the American warehouse into a Wilkuro shoe covers production factory.


Sale of the production plant in Cambodia.

Recognition and awards

It is not enough to say that we offer quality products and services. We wish to be recognized for it.


Awarded with Prix Fidéides – Catégorie Fabrication (Fideides Award – Fabrication Category).


Awarded with Prix Arista Sun-Life (Arista Sun-Life Award).


Nominee for Prix Rayonnement Hors Québec (Exposure Outside Quebec Award).


Recognized one of the 50 most well-managed private companies in Canada.


Recognized one of the 50 most well-managed private companies in Canada for a second time.


Nominee in the Fabrication Category for the Prix Fidéides (Fideides Award).


Awarded the Grand Prix québécois de la qualité – Catégorie PME manufacturière (Quebec Grand Prize of Quality – Manufacturing SME Category).

Recognized one of the 50 most well-managed private companies in Canada once again.


Special mention at the ceremony of Grands Prix Québécois de la qualité - Catégorie PME manufacturière (Quebec Grand Prize of Quality – Manufacturing SME Category).


Recognized one of the 50 most well-managed private companies in Canada.


Recognized one of the 50 most well-managed private companies in Canada.