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Acton offers an array of more than 130 styles adapted to different activities. The Acton brand is well known for its overshoes, its outdoor boots, its winter boots, its children boots, as well as for its work boots and safety footwear. 

The priority of Acton’s designers is the workers’ safety and the consumers’ comfort. Like millions of Canadians, trust the Acton quality. 

Try the experience of The Ultimate Footwear Protection!

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Acquired by Regence Footwear in April 2017, STC is a safety footwear Canadian brand founded in 1989 that has earned a great reputation on the market. The STC footwear collection includes products created for the general public as well as technical high-end products made for specific trades such as firefighters, miners and more.

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Wilkuro Safety Toes provides excellent occasional toe protection at an affordable price. The Made in Canada Wilkuro Safety Toe is an alternative to steel toe shoes for casual or temporary workers, salespeople, executives or any other person who enters an area where toe protection is required.

Where there is a potential for toe injury the desire for comfort and convenience of wearing regular footwear Wilkuro Safety Toes are the answer.

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For its 30th anniversary in 2009, Regence expanded its product range and became Canadian distributor of the Cofra brand.

Cofra is an Italian shoe manufacturer with over 70 years of experience. It is a leader in the safety shoes business and is a world renowned company. Cofra constantly invests in research and development, in order to offer innovative technology solutions to consumers.

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Pioneer and leader in PU boots, Dunlop has appointed us for the distribution of their products made in the Netherlands and Portugal in July 2013. Dunlop has revolutionized the field of safety boots by introducing their PU boot about 15 years ago.

Well known on the market for their flexibility and resistance, they are very popular on the Canadian market.



The toe protection alternative you need without the sacrifice in comfort. Worn over your favorite most comfortable pair of shoes, Oshatoes offer the toe protection you require to maintain safety in the work place. A perfect solution for : full or part-time workers, temporary workers, plant visitors, management, clerical staff & sales persons. Oshatoes products are sold online and shipped to the U.S. and wolrdwide.